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Why do you need the SAD-N728 Tele Lens?
As a rule, you use a Telephoto lens for SAD-N728 when you can't get as close to your subject as you would like. For example, when you're video recording or photographing a sports game, the Statue of Liberty in New York, or a chalet perched on a distant hillside. You can't climb into a cage at the zoo to get a close up of a lion or stand in the middle of a Hudson River to get a close up of a luxury yacht, but The SAD-N728 telephoto lens can produce a big image & movie of such subjects by bringing them closer to you optically. A telephoto lens is required for wildlife photography & video recording to digital camera.







Why do you need the SAD-L320  Macro Lens?


Macro lenses have been specially designed to take close- up pictures that reveal details which can't be seen with the naked eye "Macro photography". They have been meticulously made to work on very short distances. With the SAD-L320 Macro lens you'll get incredible photos or videos of insects, flowers and others small objects of collection such as stamps, currencies... Ideal as well for medical and dentist applications. The SAD-L320 Macro Lens is completely compatible with your photo camera or camcorder.


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